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We are a Trusted Travel Guide to Bhutan. We arrange all sorts of tour to Bhutan and give you the very best of a holiday in Bhutan.
We have the following packages:
1. East West Bhutan Tour
2. Honeymoon Packages
3. Festival Tours
4. Bumthang Tour
5. Retreat Tours
6. Hike to the Guru’s Glory- Tiger’s Nest
7. Happiness in Action for group of 10 or more
and many more…

When the world is trying to push people into thinking of the future, how about you, embark on a Journey back to the past and travel to Bhutan.

Bhutan, a door to soul is your past, while you, are our future.

Ambient Bhutan, if you choose, will make you feel like walking on the clouds. Ambient Bhutan is a robust Bhutanese travel agent that functions at the ground level, a Trusted Tour Operator to Bhutan certified by the Royal Govt. of Bhutan.
We are also the founder of the special package known as Happiness in Action.


Bhutan, known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, has turned into one of the the world’s most exotic travel destinations.Travelling to Bhutan has been made easier and luxurious. Watch the video on the left, all travelling process to Bhutan is explained.


Bhutan maintains low volume high quality tourist standards. With it all travellers  gets the full of Bhutan